Yoggie Security Ltd.


Dear Yoggie Customer,

Yoggie yet did not complete its last round of funding. Until/if fund raising is completed, we have no alternative but to stop providing any kind of service. 

We still believe in the Yoggie vision and we are confident that soon, every computer will have  a built in Security Co-Processor that will offload most of the security tasks from the PC main processor.  

This security technology shift continues.

Meanwhile, If you would like to communicate with us, please email to info1@yoggie.com

However,  be aware that there are no employees at Yoggie anymore.

Thank you,

Yoggie ex-team.

Yoggie recently completed its combined  Yoggie Gatekeeper and PC WIFI on a single 1/2 mini PCIe card to be installed inside Laptops replacing WIFI only 1/2 mini PCIe card.

Intel wifi only 1/2

mini PCIe card for


December 2011 news:

Yoggie assets and IP had been acquired by a US-European company. We hope to publish their plans on how to reproduce and deliver Yoggie products soon.

Meanwhile, if you wonder what Shlomo Touboul is doing, follow his new venture: 

StrategySeeker.com at  www.strategyseeker.com.

Its a very different and exciting new web based platform designed to let you reclaim responsibility on your financial assets. Go check, it was design and built for you.

Stay tune for Yoggie news,

Ex-Yoggie team.

p.s. No, we do not have access to Yoggie material as its all in the hand of the acquiring  company, hope news will arrive shortly.

December 2010 news:

Dear Yoggie Customer,

Unfortunately Yoggie could not successfully complete its fund raising process.

The Israeli court appointed a liquidator, Mr. Yoav Kfir, from Var Management (www.var-management.com).  The liquidator may be reached at info@var-management.com .

Thank you.

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